I Survived

The weekend is over and guess what?

I’m still alive……

I went all weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (actually til this morning at 7:00am) without being on Social Media at all. I really thought when I decided to this I would never make it through but I did.

I was able to actually read. Sit quietly and just listen to things around me. Talk to family and friends. And the most astounding part is I think I actually may have slept better.

I know we hear and see all these reports about social media and how its killing us and our children, but until I stepped back and experienced this time for my self I couldn’t put it into perspective.

What’s my next step?

Today I’ve tried not to do too much. I did catch up on my volunteer stuff I do on Social Media which was great and so reviving. I was able to review posts in the Mastermind Group I’m in.

But the funny thing is, I don’t seem to be just dying to catch up on everything I may have missed. If it’s something I really need to see or know, I will find out.

So what are my next steps?

My next steps are to continue to not get taken back into the Social Media world so far that I forget to connect with God and myself. I saw this weekend how refreshing, reviving and rejuvenating it really can be. And most of all how great it felt.

Do I plan on doing again soon?

I do think I may do this at least once a quarter. I believe that it does help us keep a perspective on our life. But I’m also going to be intentional about my daily time. I’m going to be intentional about setting ground rules about my time in the Bible. My Time with God. My Time on my Phone. Until I’m intentional and stick to it it will not happen.

Thank you to all who prayed and were apart of helping me get to this place. It was GREAT!!!!