Cheerful, Organized, & Generous Life

I love to watch movies from many many years ago, when the lives seemed so much simpler. I’m sure they had their busyness or clutter but it seemed to be so much less than what we have today. Wherever we turn we have stuff. We have stuff in kitchen, living room, bedroom, closets, storage buildings, and garages.

The self-storage industry is growing by leaps in bounds. A statistic I found showed in 2017 the self storage industry was at $38 billion annually. We must buy places to store all our stuff.

Why? Why do we think we need so much stuff? If it doesn’t fit where we live should we even have it.

There are people in other parts of the world that don’t even have in their whole home what we have in just our closets or don’t have a third of the food we have in our refrigerators. There are people in our own country that are starving and are unable to stay warm.

2 Corinthians 9:9 (TLB) It is as the Scriptures say: “The godly man gives generously to the poor. His good deeds will be an honor to him forever.”

2 Chronicles 31:5 (MSG) As soon as Hezekiah’s orders had gone out, the Israelites responded generously: firstfruits of the grain harvest, new wine, oil, honey—everything they grew. They didn’t hold back, turning over a tithe of everything. They also brought in a tithe of their cattle, sheep, and anything else they owned that had been dedicated to God. Everything was sorted and piled in mounds. They started doing this in the third month and didn’t finish until the seventh month.

Psalm 112:9a (NIV) They have freely scattered their gifts to the poor,

We can give to the poor generously. The Bible speaks of us giving generously. We have more than enough to give to others. We have more things than we need and we could give freely so much! Where can I begin giving to others freely? We can answer that question by answering this question.

Where would you like to begin to in your organizing?

After much reading and research, I have come to believe we are best to begin in our clothes. Not just the clothes in your closet in your bedroom but clothes in your dressers, clothes in other closets, clothes packed up under your bed and in your attic, we should get ALL our clothes.

This may take more time than 20 minutes which is what some believe the amount of time we should begin with. But to get organized, takes time. The clutter didn’t happen in 20 minutes, so to clean it up doesn’t happen in 20 minutes.

Decide on a day and time and do it. Don’t say I’ll do it during spring break. I’ll do it when my life slows down.

NO! DO IT NOW!! Take time to make the rest of your days happy.

What is it worth to give up a few hours to have happiness in the future!

So what do you do?

Take all your clothes, I mean all your clothes. Everything in drawers, socks, shirts, pants, your unmentionables, everything! Place them in a pile somewhere you can work in a peaceful environment. Turn some music on that you love. Pick up each piece and decide if the clothing fits into one of the following categories.

  1. The piece has served its cheerfulness with you and it’s time to make someone else happy. DONATE.
  2. The piece has served its cheerfulness and it’s time to be thrown away. TOSS
  3. The piece hasn’t finished its cheerfulness with you and you must keep it. KEEP

It may be hard to decide on which of the 3 above is the best. Go with your gut. If you are not sure to keep or donate, keep for now. When you begin placing your clothes back and touch it again, you can make the final decision at that time.

Think about all the people you may bless when you donate the items. As the old saying goes, someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure. But I don’t really like the sound of this.

I would rather say, “It is finished with me but a beginning for someone else.”

I will be beginning this journey this week. Will you begin the journey with me? We can be each other’s accountability partner. It is fun to do things together with someone instead of being alone.

We must not do our other family members clothes unless it is children of course. We must let our spouse’s decide on their own clothes. When they see what you have done, maybe they will excited to do the same thing.

Here is my Facebook group page where you can join and we can talk together about this. If you have questions or need help, the group will help.


I will be posting my before and after pictures and would love to see your’s as well.

I’m excited to begin this journey.