Monday – “Cheerfull” Verses

It’s Monday. I know it can be a hard day for many people. The beginning of the work/school week. After a few days off, our minds and body may not be back to hitting the road.

But here is a great verse to get us going.

Proverbs 12:25 (MSG) – Worry weighs us down: a cheerful word picks us up.

How true is this? When we are worrying and upset, a cheerful word always helps us feel better. Just the word of encouragement helps us to get over the worry and be cheerful.

Go out and make yourMonday wonderful and remember this verse whenever you may start worrying or feeling down.

Don’t forget the Freebie with all the Verses for a Week of “Cheerfull” verses. Click Here

Just in case you think I can’t spell “cheerfull”, there is a reason behind the way I spell it. Here is a short explanation about it…. I want everyone to be full of cheer. So that is why I like the “cheerfull” word. I have a longer explanation in a previous blog post about it.