Cheer – What Makes You Happy?

When I designed my blog many years ago, it was based on Proverbs 17:22, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

In my opinion before we can succeed in life, love others, or fulfill our purpose, we must be happy, cheerful. I’m not talking about just acting happy or looking happy from the outside. I’m talking about really being happy.

It’s so hard in today’s times with all the problems to be happy all the time. That’s understandable. But I believe we are still supposed to be happy. God created this earth for us. He created all this for us to enjoy. But because of sin, life is tough, things do happen.

We can still be happy but it’s an action and something we must make imperative in our life. God doesn’t want us to worry, he says that in the Bible. I know we all do it, and the only way I can not worry is by praying and staying in God’s Word. If there is a day I do not get into His Word, it seems I worry and I’m not as happy on those days.

Is there things in your life that makes it hard for you to be happy? What steps can you take to start being happier? What would help you be happier?

Once we decide I can be happy, we can move on to organizing things in my life to keep the happiness.

When my life or home is not organized, my happiness is always so much less. But when my life and home seem to be organized, I can be a happier person. I do not stress as much. I feel better.

So how do I go about getting my life and home organized? Well after reading so many books it seems on this, praying about it, and talking with others, I believe it’s a combination of many things depending on your personality.

In the coming weeks, I will be going in more detail about this. Today, I just want you to try to be happier. Remember God created you in HIS image and HE loves you! That should make us all happy!!!

Here is a freebie that I decide with 7 days of “Cheerfull” verses. Please download and read one everyday this week and see if you have a little more “Cheer” in your life!!! Share the graphics on social media and see if you can share some “Cheer” with others.

Freebie – 7 Days of “Cheerfull” Verses