Weak Eyes or Lovely Form

Today while reading my Read Through the Bible, I read on Leah & Rachel. Now I don’t have sisters, only 2 older brothers, but I can relate to the possible jealousy between these two. Don’t we have jealous sometimes between our friends, acquaintances, family, or even people we just see on FB.

I’ve always felt a little different – the read hair, the funny laugh, the country accent – so many things different.

But guess what? God made us all different!

Genesis 29:17 (NVI) Leah had weak[a] eyes, but Rachel had a lovely figure and was beautiful.

What do you think of when you hear the word weak? I think of someone not strong. Someone who can not stand on their on. But after looking up the meaning of this word used here I have a different stance on it. In other translations, the word “weak” is replaced with tender or delicate. When I see these words, I have a total different feeling of her eyes.

Maybe Leah had loving eyes, eyes that made you feel safe and secure. Maybe Leah eyes were delicate and made you feel soft.

Then Rachel had a lovely or beautiful figure. The words say nothing about her eyes just about her body.

My point is instead of thinking it was talking down about Leah and great about Rachel, lets look at it that the verse just expressing different attributes about each of them.

God made each of us different. God gave us different attributes. God gave us different qualities.

Just like Leah and Rachel are different we are all different. Someone else is not better than you and you are no better than someone else. We each are different and we each have our gentle or beautiful characters.

I wished in this world we could all see the good in others. I wished we could stop judging others by their appearance, their likes, their followers, their bank account, their accomplishments.

I pray we each can love each other and accept each other for what God created each of us to be.