Hello. I’m joining my friends over at the FMF for this week’s Friday writing prompt. You have a word and you write on it for 5 minutes – no planning, no nothing….. So here I go…..

Rain. I love to hear rain on a tin roof. But who doesn’t. It’s so soothing and relaxing. I remember when I was younger I would love to jump in the water puddles after a good rain. It was so much fun.

So why don’t we as adults jump into more water puddles after the rain. I think we have our own set of “rain”ing problems. We have so much going on. Our life is raining with family, friends, work, church and obligations.

But wouldn’t you like to get back to the fun rain of when you were a child. When you loved to walk out side and hold your head up high and just let the rain wet your face. What about the times you would jump into puddles and enjoy life.

Rain can help us remember the good times. Rain can help us remember the days when we were young and we had no cares in the world except what we were going to play with next.

So the next time it rains, why not go outside and just stand in the rain. Open your arms wide and let your face get wet from the wonderful rain. Now of course if there is lightning, please don’t do this.

Just take a moment to enjoy the rain, the gift from God!!! He brought the rain to water and nourish the plants and trees He gave us for survival. We can look at the rain as a gift from God every time. Raising my arms and looking up just lets me know that God loved me enough to take this rain to nourish the Earth as well as nourish me.



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