Fall – My Favorite Season



Friday Night Lights.???



Cool Night.

Fire pits.?

Fall is a wonderful time of year. Leaves start falling. The weather starts getting cooler. It will start getting darker earlier.

My favorite part is the changing of the color of the leaves! Gods masterpiece at its best. How could someone design that without first picturing it? Without drawing it out to get it just right?

That’s the wonderful thing about God!! He knew what it would look like. He knew how beautiful it would be. He knew how many different colors of orange and yellow there are. He knew every thing before He created it!

Only God could do that!

It’s God’s way to show us how much HE loves ❤️ us! HE made all this for us to look ? at and know it’s only by HIS hands it could be done.

I’m so thankful for this time of year. I pray I can take time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful life God has given me as well as the beautiful creation He made for me and you to enjoy!

Will you take time today to enjoy His creation? Will you take time today to breathe in a breath of His air?