Make Everyday Count



It’s Monday! School is back in for a lot of children. Lives have new schedules. The weather will be cooling off soon and the Holidays are fast approaching.

Social media is full of back to school pictures and families starting a new routine for the new school year. While my son is back to school but it’s in college, my new routine is a lot different than it has been for the last 13 years.

Instead of getting up every morning to get someone else up, instead of getting up every morning and fixing lunches, instead of getting up every morning trying to figure out all the games and extracurricular activity schedules, I now am able to do something different.

Now I get up and it’s just me to get up. Now I get up and it’s just me to fix lunch for. Now I get up and really don’t have a lot of extra things to plan for since it’s just my husband and myself.

So how is it after a long day, I can look back and I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything? How can I make sure to make the most of my days even with less things to do? How can I make myself feel complete and fulfilled?

Well to be honest, it’s been 2 weeks and I’m still working on it. Last week I cleaned and painted and tried to stay busy. After doing all that, I’m not really able to paint or do a lot more strenuous work (my body is asking for some downtime.) So what do I do this week?

I think its time to invest in me. I think it’s time to spend more quality time with God. I think it’s time to do all the things that for so many years wasn’t a priority.

You see we each are in different seasons of our life. We have to decide during the seasons what is most important. Pretty much the last 18 years of my life was revolved around my child which is not a bad thing!!!!!!

Now I’m in a different season of my life. Just like the seasons of the year, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, there are new beautiful things to look forward to. I look forward to my new experiences. Kindling old friendships. Spending more time with God. Volunteering more. Just having some quiet time to think.

I don’t want to rush this season by. Just like you, don’t rush your season by. Whatever season God has you in now, it’s your season! It’s your season of life so make it count.

What are you doing in this season of life? Do you have different duties than you did last week, last month or last year? Are you enjoying this season of your life or praying for it to be over?

I pray each day I enjoy and make each day count in the season I’m in. I pray I do things to fulfill my purpose in life.

I pray for you to enjoy each day and make it count. I pray you fulfill your purpose in life.