What Do I Do Today? Trust, Rejoice & Sing

Well life is certainly different this Monday than last Monday. This past weekend was one of those milestones that we have happen in our life.

It’s a new time in my life. It’s a new day in my life. It’s time for new adventures. It’s time to make new memories. It’s time for me to be purposeful. It’s time for me to be productive. It’s time for me to be ME!

So my question today is What Do I Do Today?

I think I found it during my quiet time this morning catching up on my First 5 App from Friday and this weekend. The chapter was actually supposed to be what I studied Friday, but as you may or may not know that was a very emotional and life changing day. So when I went to read it this morning, I believe it was God’s way of speaking to me.

He was asking me, “What Do You Do Today?”

First I need to trust….. Trust God to lead my life. Trust God to lead my son’s life. Trust God to lead my families life. Trust. Trust. Trust.

Such a simple word but it means so much and it can be so hard to do. I love the middle letter is “U” and the first and last letters are a t. A cross. So in between the cross “t” is “U”!

You must trust. I must trust. We all must trust God will be with us. God will walk with us. God will protect us. God loves us. I can say and type these things very easily, but trying to actually live it out is going to be hard.

But I choose today….. I will TRUST.

There are so many verses and stories in the Bible about trust. Noah trusted God when he built an Ark. Moses trusted God to lead his people. Abraham trusted God when he carried his only son up the mountain as a sacrifice. Mary trusted God when she was told she would have the Messiah.

And we must trust God today. We must know that HE will do as HE says.

So I will TRUST today and everyday.

Next, I will rejoice. Now let me be honest. There was some rejoicing this weekend. I was happy but I was also extremely sad. But I have to remember even in my darkest days or happiest days, I am to rejoice. I am to rejoice in the Lord.

Job rejoiced in the Lord despite all his devastating problems he had in life. David rejoiced while being sought by people to kill him.  Paul rejoiced!

So how will I rejoice today?

There are many ways we can rejoice. I’m not saying we go around singing or dancing everywhere. We can rejoice by our actions, by our words, by the way we treat others. Rejoicing is an action word, it’s doing something.

How will you Rejoice today?

And finally, we can sing! But we are to sing because HE has been good to me. I honestly can’t carry a tune in a bucket. I may can play the piano some, but singing its not something you want me to do.

Do we actually have to “Sing”? Sing means to Praise God.

Can’t we praise God without actually singing a song. Can’t we sing (tell others) what wonderful things God has done for us? Can’t we sing (tell others) the hardships we go through but know God is with us through every single one of them? Can’t we sing (tell others) about God and His Goodness?

Singing doesn’t have to be actually carrying a tune with music. It can be telling someone and we don’t even have to rhyme if we don’t want to. We can share our story. We can share all the good things God has done for us.

So on this Monday, What will you do? Will you Trust, Rejoice & Sing with me???