New Chapter in My Life

It’s almost been 22 years ago I said “I Do.” It’s almost been 19 years ago I welcomed my one and only son into this world. And in 1 day, my life will totally be changed again!

Tomorrow my son begins his new chapter in his life – College. I’m excited for him. I’m ready for him to experience college life, meet other people from all walks of life, and work on his career.

BUT the mommy in me is also sad. For 19 years, my world has pretty much revolved around my son. Yes I’m married, but it seems like once you have a child they take all your attention. Whether right or wrong it happened.

Now its my chance to begin a new chapter in my life as well. Not as exciting as my son possibly, but I have a chance to do something new with my life.

It’s exciting but it’s also sad…… It will be just my husband and I at home at night. It will be just my husband and I eating dinner together. It will just be me by myself during the day – no child coming in from school or work to ask, “Can you fix me something to eat?” Even though my husband may drop by during the day, it’s not the same.

So what do I do to stay busy. I’m still trying to figure that out. I know there are a lot of options. I’m sure each of you could tell me something to do with my life.

BUT I’VE DECIDED, it’s time for me to ask myself, “What do I want to do? What do I want to start? What would help make my life feel complete?” I can honestly say as I write these words sitting in a Starbucks waiting to go to an eye doctor appointment, I have no idea.

I have lots of volunteer things to keep me busy. I have my blog/website I could really take time to expand on. I could go back to school. I could visit the elderly. I could go to the Hospice House and spend time with families. I could go on and on and on!!!

BUT, is that what God wants? Is that what I want?

For so long, I’ve worried about what others needed. For so long, I’ve had a schedule based on my family. Fo so long, my life has revolved around a child and a husband. (Now the husband part isn’t going to change, but the child part is changing some.) For so long I’ve decided what I was doing today or this week, based on what my family (mostly my son) had going on.

I DO NOT REGRET ONE DAY OR ONE THING I HAVE DONE!!! But now I can do what I want. But how do you go from 19 years of doing what others need and want to what I need and want??

How do you decide in your new phases of life what to do next?

What do you do to decide what you will do next?

I’ll make it through tomorrow, even though right now I feel like I’m going to lose my Starbucks Banana Nut Bread…..

For now, I’m going to focus on tomorrow. After that I will then focus on my next steps. My next goals. My next chapter in my life…..

Any prayers or comments or ideas will be greatly appreciated (especially the prayers)!!!