Choose Joy 2017- Day 10


What makes me Joyful?

What makes you Joyful?

Our answers could be similar when it comes to worldly items. Such as, a nice, clean home, a nice vehicle to drive, clothes that are pretty, jewelry, money.  What about having a pedicure or manicure or massage? Doesn’t that make anyone joyful?

What about getting a raise at work or being acknowledged for a job well done at work?

All these things can make us joyful, but do they last forever? How long does our joy last?

When we get a pedicure or manicure, are we joyful for months?  When we get that beautiful outfit are we happy for months or just until we have to wash and iron it?  When we get a nice vehicle are we joyful until we spill something in it?

My point is these temporary things make us happy for a moment, but we are always yearning for something else to make us joyful. We are never joyful and content with just being.

We all have more than we deserve. We all have more blessings than many people in other parts of the world. I’m not saying we should not have things, but we need to stop letting those things dictate how joyful we are.

There is only one thing we should need to make us joyful.

Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior living in our heart.

We should be joyful knowing that we will spend eternity with Him and walk those streets of gold one day. We should but it is hard to remember this.

I know I have to work on this daily. The more I read and study His Word though, it helps me to remember this.

Take some time today away from your worldly things that make you joyful for a little while and invest a few moments in something that can make you joyful for eternity!