Choose Joy 2017 – Day 4

2 CORINTHIANS 8: 2 (NIV). In the midst of a very severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity.

Today I want to look at the last part of the verse from yesterday.

During their severe trials, the joy caused them to be very generous to others less fortunate.

When you give, do you give with a grudge or do you give happily?  If you were suffering and were poor, would you be joyous about giving to others?  Giving to others would probably not be what you wanted to do.

The Lord teaches us in the Bible to take care of others and to give to those less fortunate. The key though is to give with a joyous heart.  Anyone can give something to someone, but if they do not have a joyous heart it’s nothing.


You are to give because you love and want to help others.  Giving to others enables them to see The Lord working in you.

Jesus gave so much to people when He walked on this Earth.  When He gave, He gave with His whole heart.  He did not give just because Peter or John were watching and would talk about Him.  He did not give for show.  He did not give just to gloat about it.

He gave with the joyous and loving heart displaying the love His Father has for us.

Giving to others who can never repay you would show a joyous heart the most.  You would be giving to someone knowing they could never repay you.

Jesus gave more than we could ever give by giving his life for us.  Did He complain?  Did He do it with sadness?  He did it knowing He was giving us eternal life.  We should be joyous knowing He sacrificed His life just for little on me.

The next time you decide to give something to someone, check your heart first. 

Make sure your heart is full of Joy!!!!