Choose Joy 2017 – Day 3

2 CORINTHIANS 8: 2 (NIV). In the midst of a very severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity.

Joy in trials?  Have you lost your mind??

I’m going to look at this verse for 2 days. I first want to look at the first half (before the and).

  • A mother goes into the emergency room at only 30 weeks into the pregnancy and the doctor has to tell her the baby is not alive.
  • A father is told at work that he must be let go because the company is cutting back.
  • A lady goes to the doctor to find out the lump in her breast is cancer.
  • A young girl is picked on in school everyday and has become an outsider.

All these severe things were told to them.  Now hear their answers when they are filled with the OVERFLOWING JOY of The Lord.

  • The mother tells the doctor, “The child was not mine, He was The Lord’s.  He decides each person future.”
  • The father tells his boss, “The Lord will provide.”
  • The lady tells her doctor, “God is my Great Physician.”
  • The young girl tells her friends, “I have a friend that is closer to me than a brother.  He will never leave me.”

Would you be able to answer in these JOYFUL ways?

We are told in the Bible to be joyful even in our trials. Trials.  They are not happy things.  How does God expect me to be joyous during these bad things?

We read in the Bible of people who were in the lions mouth and end up being spit out.  People blind were made to see. People who were sick made well. Sinners who JESUS gave life to. These people should be role models for us. These people are us!

When our road looks dark, God is the light.  When we look in our dark wallet and there is no money, God is the provider.

God is always there for us and we should treat every trial with a joyful heart. The Lord has a plan.  If we abide in Him, we will be triumph. We will win. We will see the light.

This doesn’t happen over night though.

This takes reading His Word.  It takes worshiping God.  It takes praying to God.  It takes more to be joyful in the trials than we have on our own. We must have God in our heart to be joyful in trials.

It’s easy to be joyful when things are going good, but it takes a JOYFUL person with the Holy Spirit in them to be JOYFUL during trials.

So when you hear the bad news today or things do not go your way will you complain and yell or will you respond with OVERFLOWING JOY?  It’s your decision.