Choosing Joy 2017

New Years Resolutions


Lose Weight

Save Money

Get Out of Debt

Read the Bible

Visit Family More

It seems like the month of December and especially after Christmas everything you see and read is about starting new. It’s about beginning something and sticking with it.

A few years ago I stopped making resolutions. Why do it and within 6 months, 3 months, 30 days or like me 15 days, you had blown it? Instead I choose a statement or a word for the year. Along with the statement I find a bible verse.

Here is my 2017 Vision.

In the last few years, I have allowed my joy to be taken away! Not anymore.

And let’s just say my trust needs a lot of work. So I’ve decided to Choose Joy & Trust!

I found a great verse, Romans 15:13 that fits me perfect for 2017. 

The first thing I’m going to begin to choose joy is get more serious about my blog. I may be the only one reading it, but that’s okay. I’m doing what brings me joy and I pray one day it brings other people joy. I plan on working in 2017 to spread “Cheerfull Heart” to others

The month of January I will be examining Joy and why God wants us to be full of Joy!

Enjoy my Joy!


  1. Joy is my word for 2017 too, James 1 says whenever we experience any troubles to consider it a great opportunity for joy. Let’s just say 2016 was a year of great opportunity for me. My “New Year’s Resolution” is to tweet about my #JoyHunt every day. Yesterday I tweeted the verse from Romans. Our joy comes from the God of hope. Glad to be your neighbor at Do a New Thing today

  2. Hi, Jeanie. I love that you’ve chosen a statement. Joy and Trust seem to be twins, don’t they? Trust brings joy. 🙂 Sounds like a great focus for January! Happy New Year!

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